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Audito was created in 2002 and specialises in Marketing Audits and Market Research with the aim of increasing business and brand performance.

To meet a specific market need, Dominique Moreels joined the company in 2004. She has specialised throughout the years in market analysis, employee work performance evaluations and individual and group coaching. Her goal is to improve work performance and to optimise employees’ behavioral and communication skills, while also caring for their well-being.

Rigourous employee skills assessments have allowed her not only to implement personnalised coachng programs for “Customer Care” departments but also to support managers in implementing changes within their teams (“Coach the Coach”).

Passionate about human relations, Dominique is as active in the business sector as she is in the private sphere. She coaches people looking for a first job, those in a professional transition stage, and those who wish to start a new business or a fresh project.


Dominique Moreels

Dominique Moreels

A graduate of ICHEC, Brussels, and with over 30 years of professional experience, Dominique is an expert in Sales & Marketing. She previously held strategic and managerial positions with numerous multi-nationals (L’Oréal, Mondelez, Reckitt Benckiser, Kimberly Clark, …).

As Managing Director of Audito, she has elaborated a specific methodology she refers to as “Mystery” which combines sales and psychology to evaluate work performances and behavioural & communications skills.

She is a certified coach certificate with a Coaching Ways International diploma (Certified training I.C.F.) and is also trained in A.T., PNL, M.B.T.I., Logical Levels of Dilts, Process Comm, Disc and Riasec.