Consultancy – Assessment – Career choice and career management coaching


You are starting your professional career and you are looking to:

  • Evaluate the employment sectors, job functions and tasks which correspond to your skills, your motivation and your expectations


You are already in professional employment and you are looking to:

  • Change your job, department, company or sector and succeed in your career transition and evolution
  • Ensure your re-employment prospects
  • Regain motivation and give more meaning to your job by giving it a sense that matches your hopes and values
  • Optimise your abilities, resources and skills
  • Convert into a new job sector, start your own business or acquire a company
  • Be coached to identify potential professional paths, validate your project and prepare its implementation



Your company wishes to:

  • Investigate the quality and level of employees’ work performance
  • Evaluate verbal and non-verbal communication within your company
  • Observe your employees’ facial and body language (morphogestures)
  • Set measurable goals
  • Implement K.P.I. and provide employee support
  • Ensure the consistency of managers’ & teams’ visions, missions and objectives
  • Pinpoint managers’ & teams’ expectations, needs, obstacles and springboards
  • Conduct interviews and qualitative group discussions, “Mystery” assessments, Desk Research or Benchmarking

Our aim is to establish a comprehensive assessment of the current situation and to coach you to achieve your goals

Our 3-step Approach: