& Communication Evaluation,



Evaluation of work performances and behavioral & communicational skills, followed by a Coaching program

Audito has developed its own tool, based on “sales and marketing” audit and psychology and communication models, observing your co-workers in their work environment while minding their satisfaction and well-being.

This method allows to increase their work performance as well as their behavioural and communicational skills.

Audito also offers a coaching program in order to implement changes into the teams.



Among our clients





Preliminary phase

  • Your briefing = Our starting point
  • In order to acquire an in-depth knowledge of co-workers and teams

B2B & B2C Tools

  • Evaluation of work performances: Benchmark, Desk research, “Sales & Marketing” Audit, DISC Model, M.B.T.I., …
  • Analysis of behavioural and communicational skills: PNL, Process Communication, A.T., Drivers, …
  • Qualitative mystery: Writing, Calling, Visiting, Shopping
  • In-depth interviews (face to face, remote access or online)
  • Focus groups (face to face or online)
  • Client’s experience & journey


Leading to a coaching program   

Optimisation of the work performance and well-being of the collaborators and teams

  • An individual or a group support
  • Suggestion of quick wins
  • Reorientation towards a more suitable training
  • Coaching the Manager in order to implement changes into the team (coach the coach)